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We have delivered a number of successful projects, and been engaged upon upon some of the most high profile changes in the electricity industry since 2005, including:

  • Disaggregation of Western Power

  • Establishment of Horizon Power

  • Implementation of Carbon readiness (for the carbon tax in 2011/12)

  • The merger of Verve Energy and Synergy

  • Efficiency reviews

Our work is to delivery transformation, efficiency and improvement through the following:


Where do you want to be?


Are you monitoring your strategy and holding people to account, correctly?

Operations & Change

People and Processes. Are they fit for purpose?


Do you have the internal capability and capacity to deliver?


  • Growth journey planning
  • Strategy and business planning – process, review, development
  • Support systems establishment / review


  • The Finance Focus
  • Establishment / review / improvement of:
    – Board and Management Reporting
    – Budgeting, planning and forecasting

Operations & Change

  • People – capacity and capability assessment / alignment / review
  • Business processes establishment / review
  • Functional review
  • Facilitation


  • Governance frameworks
  • Program Office development
  • Project management
  • Executive/Management secondment, planning, or mentoring

How do we do it?


Personal. Practical. Service. Simple. Clear. With you, not to you. The answer you need, not want.

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